Glorious finals at the EUC Rowing 2015

Happy faces, proud winners and thrilling races – the last day of the European Universites Rowing Championships (EUC Rowing) 2015 in the middle of Hannover was a huge success. The spectators at the northern waterfront of Lake Maschsee were offered a great show of rowing sports and cheered all the winners, but especially the 15 German medals.

Katy Denham from the Durham University, Great Britain, celebrated the first gold medal of the day. Also the second gold in the boat class lightweight double sculls was awarded to the British Ben Reeves and Jamie Copus from the Oxford Brookes University, who came in first before their fellow countrymen from Edinburgh. The duo from the hosting Leibniz Universität Hannover, Jannik Menke and Denis Bennecke, achieved the first medal for the Germans coming in third.

The third race, again, brought a medal to a German boat. In the men’s double sculls, the athletes from RWTH Aachen became European Universities Champions. The silver and bronze medal were won by the teams from last year’s hosting university from Poznan, Poland, and the ETH Zürich.

In the final of the men’s lightweight quad, the University of Groningen was able to prevent another double success for Great Britain. The Dutch men relegated the boats from the Imperial College London and Durham University to the second and third place. One hour later, the quartet from Newcastle won the British another gold medal in the men’s quad. The team from the Leibniz Universität achieved the third place after the University of Lausanne.

The final of the women’s coxless pair was dominated by the duo from the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. With eight seconds advantage, the students from Belarus reached the finish line before their competitors from the University of Linz, Austria, and the University of Economy Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The women from Munster rewarded themselves with gold in the lightweight quad. They crossed the finish line three seconds before the boats from Durham University und the Leibniz Universität Hannover. Another gold and bronze medal was won by Germans in the men’s coxless pair, with the Technical University of Bochum on the first and the hosting university on the third place. The duo from Edinburgh University came in second. In the last day of the morning, the women’s eight was won by the girls from Cambridge before ETH Zürich and the University of Hamburg.

In the afternoon the German spectators at the northern waterfront of Lake Maschsee were able to follow two German triumphes. The first gold medal for the hosting university was won by Patrick Leineweber, the second victory for Hannover was achieved by the lightweight men’s quad. Both winning boats crossed the finish line with several seconds advantage.

Also, Johannes Ursprung from Leibniz Universität won a medal reaching the finish after Bence Tama’s from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Jakob Zwölfler from the University of Vienna came in third and saved the bronze medal. In the women’s single sculls, Tatsiana Klimovick from Belarus won gold in a gripping race before Martyna Mikolajczak from Poland and Dominika Bocskai from Hungaria.

The women’s coxless pair was clearly dominated by the Moscow State University. They crossed the finish line 13 seconds before the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture and another Russian boat from Saratov State Agrarian University. Another clear victory was achieved by the British Exeter University in the lightweight women’s double, with 10 seconds advantage in the finish. They relegated Kazimierz University Bydgoszcz from Poland and the University of Porto, Portugal to the second and third place.

Less clear but the more thrilling was the race of the women’s coxless four, in which the German quartet from the University of Mainz triumphed. The silver and bronze medal was obtained by the Oxford Brooks University and the University of Vienna. In the final of the women’s quad, the athletes fought tooth and nail for the medals. In the end, the ETH Zürich was able to cheer, with Poznan University of Technology and Leibniz Universität in second and third place.

The last race of this EUC Rowing was held in the premium class of the rowing sport. In the men’s eight the boat from Oxford Brookes University came in first and won another gold medal for Great Britain. The silver medal was obtained by the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture and the bronze medal by the team of the University of Lausanne.

In the end, the nation ranking of this year’s EUC Rowing was won by the German team, with seven gold, two silver and six bronze medals.

VIPs pulling together for the Olympic dream in Hamburg

Apart from the top-level races another highlight of the EUC Rowing took place in the race break. Four boats filled with prominent figures took part in a race to promote the application of Hamburg for the Olympic Games 2024. Aiming at convincing spectators and participants to vote for Germany in the elections in November, former sportsmen and –women as well as leaders from politics and science and sports from the German federal state of Lower Saxony sent greetings to the hanseatic city of Hamburg.

After three exciting days at Lake Maschsee, the European Universities Rowing Championships 2015 ended with many happy victors and winners on the winners’ rostrum. The Closing Ceremony officially concluded the rowing event with passing on the baton to Croatia, where the EUSA-Games will take place next year.

The pictures of the medallists you can find on facebook!