Hannover- The City of Rowing


The cities’ location and nature offer excellent prerequisites for rowing in the city center as well as in the whole surrounding area.

The city of Hannover itself initiated by more or less fortunate circumstances the pathway to become the organizational instigator of rowing in Germany. During the period of 1934 – 1936 the construction of the Lake Maschsee established a local recreation area with a boat race course of 2000 meters and a lot of additional leisure space in the city center. Flood and stream control measures along the Ihme and Leine rivers that Hannover’s rowers had anticipated for a long time were carried out simultaneously.

The first rowing club in Hannover was formed by British workers and teachers on the Leine river in the 1870ies as “Britannia Rowing Club”. Not without political coinage were two impulses giving club foundations at the end of the 19th century: the Hannover Rowing-Club of 1880 (HRC) was followed four years later by a separation of members forming the German rowing club (DRC). Even in nomenclature the members of this club wanted to demonstrate their independence of the Guelph reminiscence to the Hannover kingdom which had been annexed by Prussia in 1866. Both clubs are the largest clubs to date. Originally established as ballgame and cycling fraternity, the student’s association “Angaria” was formed in 1906. The rowing club Linden was launched in 1911 as a pure workers’ rowing club.

While DRC, Angaria and Linden 11, as they are referred to by rowers, are still using the rivers Ihme and Leine as training ground, HRC has moved to lake Maschsee area after the establishment of the artificial lake.

In its function as Olympic professional association also the German Rowing Association (DRV) is settled in Hannover since 1949. Rowers of both sexes have access to a regional training center in Hannover which was promoted in 2009 to a national sports center of rowing. Hannover, the state capital, documented its solidarity with this sport by maintaining a school’s boathouse at lake Maschsee. 

The central location of Hannover within Germany and its easy transport accessibility as well as the well-developed sports infrastructure directly around the lake and the proximity of the lake to the city center, facilitates EUC managers the execution, athletes the participation and spectators the viewing of a regatta on the inland waters. No other major city in Germany can compete with the unique location of the race course of Lake Maschsee in Hannover allied with its rowing history.