Accommodation in Hannover

1. The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel is situated at the northern bank of the lake, directly at the regatta location.

2. The Academy of Sports is found at less than one kilometer distance to the west of the tournament location and can be easily reached by foot.

3. The facilities of the Youth Hostel (Deutsche Jugendherberge - DJH) which is neighboring the Sportpark are equipped according to most modern standards. The walking distance to the course is 5-10 minutes.

4. The Cityhotel Thüringer Hof and the Bed’n Budget Cityhostel are situated at the city center of Hannover, north of Lake Maschsee and is in 10-15 minutes walking distance to the lake.

5. The Hotel Central Hannover is found in the city center, close to the Cityhotel Thüringer Hof. The north shore of lake Maschsee can be reached within 15 min walking.

6. The second Bed'n Budget Hostel is situated near the south shore of lake Maschsee. The regatta course can be reached by tram in 30 minutes. At the hotel use the tram 1 or 2 (direction: “Langenhagen/Alte Heide") at the tram station “Wiehbergstraße”. Step out at station “Aegidientorplatz”. The walking distance to the course is 15 minutes. 

Umpires and EUSA officials will be previously accommodated at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Team Managers / responsible persons (max. two per university) are asked to come to the accreditation at the Team Information Centre first – there we will announce the accommodation for your team. 


Courtyard by Marriott: Arthur-Menge-Ufer 3, 30169 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 366000

Academy of Sports (Akademie des Sports): Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke Weg 10, 30169 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 1268 180

Youth Hostel (Deutsche Jugendherberge DJH): Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke Weg 1, 30169 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 13 17 674

City Hotel Thüringer Hof: Osterstraße 37, 30159 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 36 06 0

Bed’n Budget: Osterstraße 37, 30159 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 36 06 107

Hotel Central Hannover: Seilwinder Straße 2, 30159 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 20 30 8797

Bed’n Budget: Hildesheimer Straße 380, 30519 Hannover, Tel.: +49 511 12 611 504



Accommodation Deposit: 200 € per university team.