Conditions of Participation

The athletes need to be offiacially registered as students, or having obtained their academic degree or diploma in the academic year preceding the event, from a university in on one of the 43 EUSA memeber countries.

Age Limit

The EUSA is proud of the fact that in 2015 EUC Rowing is open for female and male students aged between 17-30 (born 1985-1998).

Participation of Minors (under age 18)

In order to comply with national laws for the protection of the youth, all participants under 18 years must hold a written declaration signed by the parents that alienates the obligatory supervision to an official. This official is being hold accountable to comply with national laws (e.g. no hard drinks under 18, no smoking in public, no attendance at public parties after midnight)

Details in English language can be found in the Protection of Young Persons Act Guidlines.

General Regulations

The publication "Rules and Regulations for EUSA Sport Events" is a handbook containing all relevant regulations in one document: Regulations, Protocol, Disciplinary Protocol and Technical Regulations. Here you can find the latest version for the competitions in 2015:




Technical Regulations Rowing 2015

The organization of the EUC Rowing shall be based on the most recent technical regulations of International Rowing Federation - The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron (FISA).


The following competitions for men and women will be held in the following FISA classes:

  • Race Block A LW1x, LM2x, M2x, LM4 -, W2x, M4-, LW4x, M4x, LM2-, M2-, W8+
  • Race Block B LM1x, W1x, M1x, W2-, LM4x, LW2x, W4-, W4x, LM8+, M8+.

Where no Lightweight event exists medals may be awarded to Lightweight crews competing in Open events. 

Crews may double-enter at their own risk with regard to the schedule of racing. Gap between blocks must be minimum one hour.


The EUC consist of three (3) competition days. The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one day (1) prior to the start of the competition. 


The delegation will consist of athletes and officials from each University (or one for each country).
A Head of the Delegation must be appointed.

Playing scheme

The format of the tournament will be decided by SCAC taking into consideration the number of teams entered. In one race must be minimum three crews (minimum two (2) from different country). 

Draw, seeding

The draw for tournament will be done in the presence of a EUSA Representative following the roll call at the General Technical Meeting. The SCAC reserves the right to adjust the seeding e.g. in case Lightweight crews competing in Open events.

Financial obligations

Each team has to pay fees defined in EUC Regulations by the specified date. The deposit must be paid on EUSA request.


Racing uniforms shall be in line with FISA regulations, Including FISA advertising regulations, as they refer to all racing clothing. The racing uniform shall also be representative of either the University of the team or of the NUSA responsible for co-ordinating their EUSA entry. The Event Head Umpire and EUSA representatives shall have power to decide on and enforce the
interpretation & implementation of these rules.

Colors oars

Each crew must row with same colors oars (blade), preferring NUSA or Univesity colors.