Course & Traffic Rules

Lake Maschsee is an artificial lake situated south of the city centre of Hannover. Spanning an area of 78 hectares, it is the largest body of water within the capital of Lower Saxony. With its proximity to the centre of Hannover, Lake Maschsee is a popular recreation area for the city’s inhabitants as well as avenue for numerous water sports.

The tournament course features the Albano system including 6 lanes over 2.000 meters. The course starts at the south of the lake, the finish is at the northern waterfront – right in the heart of the EUC RowingCAMPUS. Please note that there is no extended run-off area between the finishing line and the wall at the northern waterfront. Make sure to stop your boat straight after the finish line and turn left.

The following maps give an overview about important facilities at the regatta course as well as the traffic rules applicable for training and racing. A version for print outs is available here.

Please note: The lake is closed for public for the competition days only (September 10-12). On September 8-9 the lake is open for public and therefore the general traffic rules of Lake Maschsee apply. Please be careful and expect other traffic like pedal boats, sailing boats and canoes.
On the days of competition, there are separate traffic rules for training and racing. Please check, which rules apply before you enter the water.

Traffic Rules Public (Tue 8 - Wed 9)

Traffic Rules Training (Thu 10 - Sat 12)

Traffic Rules Race (Thu 10 - Sat 12)